Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sean Huze: "The Sand Storm"

I enjoyed reading "The Sand Storm" by: Sean Huze. I would love to see the play. The Sand Storm is a little hard to follow but it is a touching story. I never really knew a lot of the details about the current war. The Sand Storm gave me a whole new view of it. Huze writes about how innocent lives were lost. He writes "I couldn't stop crying and I hugged this man whose family had just been massacred by us, by my Marines" (Huze 5).  How horrible to have to deal with the fact that you just killed a mother and her children as her husband watched just by doing your job and doing as your told by your superiors. Huze writes "And then, this man, this man who had just witnessed his family being slaughtered looked up at me. "Not your fault. I blame Saddam." (Huze 5). What a horrible thing to have to experience, it was horrible for everyone involved the man and the soldiers. There has been a lot of bloodshed, and it's not just the enemies blood but also the blood of their comrades and innocent by standers who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Huze writes "We lost five Marines in that fight" (Huze 10). Most of them men in his division were young and to lose them so violently was probably very hard to deal with. Huze goes on to write "I personally visited with the families of the Marines I lost." (Huze 10). Having to go and explain to the families what happened to their loved one was probably a difficult thing to do. They probably had a million questions they wanted answered. This is a very sad story but it is a true one.


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   Works cited: "The Sand Storm" By: Sean Huze

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